GPS tracking is becoming a common practice. Every Smart Phone includes a GPS feature that aids in satellite location discovery. Anyone who has access to your phone’s GPS can locate you with ease.

This service is used to get you to your location by businesses like Uber and Zomato. With the use of GPS, you can even track your order or your ride. However, these functionalities may also be used to covertly track anyone’s phone location. You can effortlessly track the position of any phone with the help of the Free Tracker GPS included with The InnovaSpy app.

When you can monitor someone using an app on their phone, you don’t need to utilize a tracking gadget or device. We can help you if you want to learn more about this feature. In this article, we talk about Free GPS Tracker and demonstrate how to locate a phone.

Free Tracker GPS


Cell Phone Spy Tracker GPS
Spy Tracker GPS

InnovaSpy has a phone tracking capability that is available. Any phone’s location may be tracked for free with this capability. On your account dashboard, you will see correct data.

To find out if your child is in school or hanging out with pals, you may use this function to track their whereabouts. If you are the owner of a business, you may use this tool to track your staff.

Additionally, you must utilize this function carefully. While keeping an eye on the place, make sure you do not break any restrictions. You may use this software covertly because it operates in stealth mode. Your children won’t be aware that their location is being watched.

The Free GPS Tracker’s complete feature list is shown below.

  • Location List: On the dashboard, you’ll find a comprehensive list of locales. For further information, click on each monitored site.
  • Live Location: This function allows you to follow the live location. The position will be shown on a map, and you can follow the phone’s movement to see where it is going.
  • Past Locations: All of the earlier locations may also be checked. Every interval of time, the website is checked. You will receive precise information on the phone’s previous locations.
  • Google Map tracking: Google Maps shows the location. You can follow the location on the map. You may also make advantage of Google Maps’ features.
  • Complete Address: You may look up the place’s address in its entirety. The list includes the address.
    Latitude & Longitude: You can find out the location’s longitude and latitude. You will be able to get additional specifics regarding the phone’s position thanks to it.
  • Date and Time: Date and Time are provided for all locations. It will be useful to know precisely when the phone was there.

Benefits of a Free GPS Tracker

The advantages of Free GPS Tracker are shown below.

  • Free: The fact that the aforementioned function remains free is its finest quality. It is free to use, in contrast to other features. The app may be used to track the location without being purchased. To obtain this feature, use the free trial.
  •  Stealth Mode: This function operates in stealth mode. The application works in stealth mode to track location. Nobody will be able to identify this software.
  • Track Location: You may use this tool to find out where your phone is at any given time. Both entrepreneurs and parents may benefit from it.
  • Simple to Use: This feature is easily accessible. For you to utilize this functionality, no technical knowledge is required. Anyone with a rudimentary understanding of applications may utilize this feature without difficulty.
  • Find Phone: This function allows you to look for or find a lost phone. You will learn the phone’s precise location, which will assist you in locating it.
  • Accurate Location: This function will provide accurate facts. The InnovaSpy app’s features were all built after doing a lot of study in order to deliver reliable tracking information.

How to Use a Free GPS Tracker to Track Location?

Let’s learn how to use this feature now that you are fully informed about it. We’ll break things down into manageable steps. To use this feature, simply follow the instructions.

Step 1: Get the phone ready
Prior to the app being downloaded and installed on the phone. You must get it ready. You should use the phone covertly so that no one can see you. Go to settings on the phone by opening it. There, sources must be enabled. then head over to Google Play. It would be better if you turned off Play Protect there. The phone is now ready for the app download.

Step 2: Download
To get InnovaSpy app, you need to visit the website at Visit the official website first, and then utilize the download link to get the app. It is free to download.

Step 3: Install
After the download is finished, you must install the application. Open the downloaded file and select install to get started. The phone will have the app installed.

Step 4: Account Creation
You must now set up an account. Open the app, then click the register/signup button. Complete all the fields on the form. You must first enter your email address. The next step is to select a secure password.

Step 5: Remove the Evidence
You must remove all traces of the evidence from the phone after creating the account. Delete the history and cover the symbol.

Step 6: Log in
Everything is all set up. You may start tracking the phone using your own smartphone. You must first log in. Visit and click the login link in the top right corner of the page. Enter your login information.

Step 7: GPS Location Tracker
Visit the control panel after signing in. You may track the phone’s current location by using the GPS Location Tracker option.

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