Download InnovaSpy - Free Spy App (version 6.8)

This version fully supports InnovaSpy app. You can review all the features on the Features page. High quality with MP3 spy call recording file. The current version is 6.8 (released in June 2022).

Do you want to spy on an Android phone for FREE? If yes, we can help you.

We are going to introduce you to InnovaSpy. It is a free spying application. Include more than 25+ free mobile spy features.

  • Monitor WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Viber, etc
  • Spy Call Recorder
  • Listen to Live Voice Surrounding Recording
  • Works on any Android device
  • GPS Location Tracking.
  • SMS Tracking (outgoing, received and deleted).
  • Record Call Details (even deleted).
  • View Photos of the Phone
  • View Contacts
  • Auto Answer
  • Record Apps usage
  • View browser history
  • Undetectable / Hidden Icon

Download InnovaSpy Android App (version 6.8)


You have to hold the target device in hand to access the below button to download and install the app.

Click the button Download InnovaSpy below and accept the terms and conditions of us to download it.


How to Install InnovaSpy App on Android

If you want to use InnovaSpy app to spy on Android, you need to follow some easy steps below.

I. Download Free InnovaSpy Application

 Once you have downloaded the APK of InnovaSpy application, please install it step by step as given below so that the application can run perfectly in the target device.

II. Install InnovaSpy Application

Run the application and follow the steps. The app is called “System Service” to be more stealthy. If you have this message it means that you haven’t disabled the verification of applications. 

When you install InnovaSpy, your device will prompt all the permissions the app needs to be installed. 

1. After download file 


2. Click on “I’m aware of the possible risks” and then choose “Ok” 


3. Waiting for installing process


2. Follow And Accept All steps to install

1. “Click” on Ignore to continue installing


2. Turn on all 


3. Click on Accept Terms of Servicee


3. Turn on Activate all permissions

1. Allow while using the app


2. Allow to make and manage phone calls


3. Enable all accessibility of InnovaSpy


4. Create / Register Account


  • If you already have an account: “Sign In
  • If you don’t have an account: Tap on “Sign Up”.

Step 2:

“Click” on Start Monitor to start tracking this device.


5. Delete InnovaSpy APK File


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