Your phone is a very significant tool in the technologically advanced world of today. It has several papers, contacts, media files, and other types of stuff that you can’t potentially lose.

No matter how hard we work to backup phone data and keep them safe, we cannot make mobile phones theft-proof. There are several scenarios in which you may lose your phone, and that is awful! The first concern would be how you would track your phone.

Method 1: Track My Android using a browser

This track my phone method cannot be used until the target Android phone has been found, located, or deleted. But in order for this to work, the Android phone must be turned on, logged into a Google account, connected to the internet, set to both locations, and have Find My Device available on Google Play. You may use the browser to track your Android phone as shown below if these conditions are satisfied.

Step 1: In the search box of a browser, put “where is my phone” to start. Using the same account as the lost phone, log in to the browser.

Step 2: Google Maps should now show the location of the lost phone. If you have more than one phone with the same account, choose the lost Android phone. Your lost Android may now be controlled remotely by locking it, erasing all data for security or privacy reasons, or ringing it.

Method 2. Use Find My Phone

Using the Find My Device app is another another practical means of locating my lost Android phone. In this case, you can sign in as a guest using another Android smartphone.

Step 1: Install the “Find My Device” app from Google Play on a different Android phone or tablet. Use the Google account that the lost device was logged into to log in. Instead, visit and log in using the same data.

Step 2: The lost Android device may be found in the list at the top of the website after successfully login in. Click the refresh button after selecting the gadget to learn more about its location.

Step 3: At this point, you have the option of remotely locking, erasing, or ringing your device.

Use InnovaSpy for the best approach.

InnovaSpy is superior to all of the previously listed tactics. Absolutely free and functional on practically every platform, InnovaSpy is a cell phone tracker. With InnovaSpy, you may find a misplaced device, find out what the target device is accessing, or even control it from a distance. You don’t have to worry about the lost smartphone being an iOS or an Android model because this application is cross-platform.

InnovaSpy is perfect for all kinds of device tracking applications, therefore it satisfies the requirements for current tracker apps. The use of this program is straightforward. As a consequence, no expertise is required. No of your level of experience, navigating won’t be a challenge.

Filter Web Content: With InnovaSpy, users may limit which websites the target device is allowed to access. Access to undesirable websites may be restricted, erased browser history can be seen, and particular websites can be added to the blacklist.

Monitor App Usage: You may check how much time each app spends on the target phone using InnovaSpy. As a consequence, you may restrict applications and prohibit apps based on categories.

Get Alerts: When explicit material is discovered, our app quickly notifies you.

Smart Screen Time Scheduler: With InnovaSpy’s clever screen time scheduler feature, you can either schedule, prohibit, or reward screen time.

Real-time location: You may get both historical and real-time location data using this software. You may also configure notifications for when the target phone enters risky locations.

How to use InnovaSpy to monitor my phone for free online

Step 1: To establish a free account, open your browser and proceed to the InnovaSpy website. Additionally, you may get it via Google Play or the App Store.

Step 2: Install InnovaSpy on the phone you want to track as well as the phone you want to track. Make the necessary adjustments to the parameters.

Step 3: Open the online interface or the InnovaSpy dashboard app. All of your devices may be connected and controlled from here. Choose the desired phone and start tracking it.

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