What are the signs that your teenager is skipping school? If:

  • Your teen’s school grades start slipping
  • He/she often says that they don’t have homework
  • Your teen comes back home earlier than usual
  • Has too many “called off” classes
  • Avoids talking about school
  • Tries to hide exam results
  • Has no motivation for studying.

You are noticing some of these signs, but you can’t be sure whether your teen skips school?
What do you do?
Install a cell phone tracking application on your teen’s phone. Recent studies show that more than 2,000 parents daily do it and get to know where their teen is!
Stop wondering – find out the truth right now!
InnovaSpy is a cell phone monitoring software that uses GPS tracking system which can show your teen’s location on a map!
The advantage of InnovaSpy is the option of Area tracking with GPS Notifications. Once you install the application, you will get access to a personal Private area for tracking.


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